In the spring of 1945 Lt.(jg) Cromer joined the ship's company in Newport, Rhode Island, where they trained and waited while the ship was being completed, and readied for commissioning.

Originally assigned as 4th Division Officer Mr. Cromer was re-assigned as Navigator while en route to France relieving Lt. A. L. Jones.

May 2, 1945

Commissioning Ceremony Brooklyn Navy Yard

Determining the Skagit's tactical diameter. Taken during shake down in Long Island Sound.

C. A. Cromer using the range finder, Seaman Beason recording the data.

September 2, 1945

Tokyo Japan,

Small Japanese carrier sunk at dock while still tied up. We had to maneuver around this wreck to get up to the dock. It is believed that Skagit was the first Navy ship to tie up to a pier in Tokyo since the war ended.

USS Skagit unloading cargo in Tokyo, Japan. Other ships from our squadron were anchored in Tokyo Bay waiting to unload.

The surrender was signed,
Our cargo unloaded,
Now off to China

November 1945

Ens. Robert Taylor on liberty in Tientsin, China

Members of the Skagit's boat crew talking to natives at Taku Bar, China November 1945

L- R
Rothman SN1/c, R. H. Thompson QM1/c, C. A. Cromer

Anchored off Taku Bar North China November 1945

Ens. J. J. Seidel

CIC Officer

Captain Parker Departing

L- R
Lt. (jg) Joe Burch, Lt. (jg) Orville Crawford, Capt. Parker,

XO Lt. Richard Peyser (back to camera)

On Liberty In Sasebo Japan

Taken in front of an 18" gun. The men are from the Quarter Master, and Radio Divisions.

Officer is Lt. (jg) Karl Schmutzler was my cabin mate on the Skagit

Our First Tour Is Over

Back To The States

December 16, 1945

Passing Under The Golden Gate Bridge

Crewmember unk

Liberty Inspection

At Anchor San Francisco

Chalmers Alfred Cromer collection: Veterans History Project



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